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The Convenience You Want. The Attention You Deserve.

At YourHealth, we focus on providing the highest standard of care, as you define it.

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(e.g., heart health, lung health, nutrition, diabetes, pain management, etc.)

If that means drop-in appointments at a moments notice. We will provide that.

If that means longer appointments where your able to get all your questions answered. We will provide that.

If that means home visits. We will provide that.

All done at an affordable price that doesn’t exceed the cost of a phone bill.


Areas of Practice

primary care

physical therapy* (soon)


pain management

ob/gyn* (soon)

chiropractic care* (soon)

All people want is to be happy and healthy at a reasonable cost.

Now, with power of technology, we can provide that for our customers.
— Ikenna Nwamba, MD


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